Toroni is a small town in Sithonia, the middle peninsula of Halkidiki. According to Greek mythology, Toroni was the wife of Proteus, son of Poseidon. The ancient city was founded by Chalkidian settlers probably during the 8th century BC. Its strategic location and rich resources developed Toroni into one of the most significant cities in Halkidiki, giving its name to the "Toroneos" Gulf that forms between Kassandra and Sithonia peninsulas. In the 17th century local population moved to the place where modern Toroni exist now. During 1903 the ancient city was destroyed by the Ottomans. In the area there are remains of the ancient city and also the ruins of Likithos Castle which is a trademark of Toroni.

Modern Toroni has developed in one of the most famous holidays resorts of Halkidiki. The local beach with 2.5 km of golden sand is considered as one of the best in Sithonia and is a very popular destination is summertime.

Toroni is a great starting point for visiting other destinations. In 1 km from Toroni you will find Porto Koufo, a unique natural and most safe harbour with a very beautiful beach and traditional fish restaurants. Neos Marmaras is located 23 km from Toroni and is another great place with 2 very nice beaches and a very rich nightlife!

Other popular destinations include Tristinika, Kalamitsi & Sarti !

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